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Tongue Depressor Sterile (100 Pcs)

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Getting some sort of ailment in the throat can turn out to be dangerous if not given much attention. A device which becomes very important during examining such issues is the tongue depressor. It not only helps the doctor check the throat, the tonsil glands, the salivary glands, the inner area of the mouth, etc. but also helps in collecting throat swab and much more. The best product in such times is the Sterile Tongue Depressor. It is a device which causes no harm to the patient, yet allows the doctor or the physician to have a detailed examination of the inner part of the mouth.

Key Features :
Comes in individual packs. 
The tongue depressor is 6 inch long. 
Has a smooth finish which causes no irritation to the patient. 
Easy and safe for usage at doctor’s clinics and hospitals. 

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