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Togu Challenging Disc

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Togu Challenging Dsc is for serious athletes wishing to build body balance with most advanced balancing disc in globe. Togu Challenge Disc will help you exercise and bring balance and stability to different muscle groups from the comfort of your home. The symmetrical board it comes with pushes you to do light exercises that enhance the stability of your legs, back, and core. The anti-slip material on its base enables you to exercise without the worry of falling down. 

Product Description:

Togu Challenge Disc is a smooth, dark, and gray colour disc with red trim. There are red symmetrical guide lines for the placement of the legs. The built-in motion sensor transfers the measurement data to the end devices using the Bluetooth 4.0 feature. The anti-slip material over the disc makes it easier for users to wear socks, shoes, or even get up on it being barefoot. The product comes with a CD for computer installation and another app that is free to be installed on Android and Apple devices. The app has engaging games that will increase your strength and coordination. The games come with varying degrees of difficulties, movement, speed, and control. The device is compact enough to be kept below a table, or even in drawers and cupboards while it is not being used. 

Key Features:

Targeted exercise: Togu Challenge Disc will help in balancing exercises that target mainly on the gluteus maximus, quadriceps, soleus, hamstrings, calves, rectus abdominis.

Durability: This disc is made up of durable material allowing it to function just normally even after a thousand drops and falls. The red symmetrical lines over it help in maintaining optimum balance while using it. 

Exercise without fear of falling: Togu Challenge Disc is a moving disc but the anti-slip surface and the vibrant guidelines always allow you to balance properly so you don’t fret about falling down.

Train alone if necessary: The app which comes with this device has an inbuilt trainer giving you exercises to do and directions to follow. Hence, you can use it alone in your house or take help from a physical therapist if needed.

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