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Therapearl Hot and Cold Face Mask Your Daily Facial at Home

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Be it a long day at the office or home – your skin endures the brunt of your daily hustle. Skincare is more than essential but does it care for your skin? Modern-day cosmetics and fancy facials can cause irritation, discomfort, and can empty your pockets in a jiffy. In a world that is growing increasingly smarter, why not explore smarter ways of achieving quick, inexpensive, and effective relief? Look no further, Therapearl Hot and Cold Face Mask is at your rescue. 

Product Description:

Therapearl Hot and Cold Face Mask is the one-stop solution for all your troubles. Designed to provide maximum relief from puffiness, inflammation, sinus discomfort, migraines; it helps soothe tender skin as well. There's more! Make it a part of your cosmetic regimen – use it to obtain the luxury of a facial at the comfort of your home. Pop it in the microwave or the freezer, place it on your face, secure it comfortably with a fully adjustable Velcro strap and you are good to go! In a matter of twenty minutes, Therapearl's revolutionary technology provides instant and effective relief. 

With Therapearl Hot and Cold Face Mask, take your face on a much-needed vacation! 

Key Features: 

Bouquet of benefits: Not one, not two – Therapearl Hot and Cold Face Mask has a multitude of benefits to offer. Use it to loosen clogged sinuses, reduce inflammation and puffiness, or just make it a part of your facial routine! 

Best of both worlds: Reap the benefits of both hot and cold therapy. Heat therapy increases circulation and eases stiffness and cold therapy soothes skin and provides relief. 

Quick-relief: Stick it in a microwave for forty seconds or place it in the freezer for at least a couple of hours – Therapearl Hot and Cold Face Mask can contain heat for up to twenty minutes. Fast relief is now at your disposal. 

Innovative technology: Therapearl's intuitive technology shifts colours when heated or frozen adequately. Once heated, gel pearls turn grey and once frozen, they turn purple. These pliable gel pearls distribute temperature evenly for effective relief. 

Value for money: Therapearl Hot and Cold Face Mask is reusable. To ensure longevity, store it in an airtight container bag or the freezer. 

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Brand NameTheraband
Brand OriginUSA
Address of entityKH-498, Nr Hari Dal Mill, Kureni, Narela, Delhi - 110040
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