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TheraPearl Eye Mask Dry Eyes Sinus Allergies

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How often have we grappled with puffy eyes, and tender eyebrows and brushed them off as if nothing happened? TheraPearl Eye Mask makes you prioritize your care first. The hot and cold therapy takes away the pain and unclogs your sinuses. Roll it around your forehead, or paining eyebrows and you will be surprised to see its results.

Product Description: 

TheraPearl Eye Mask is made up of non-latex, BPA free phthalate-free material. The inside of the mask is filled with globules which enable the hot and cold therapy. It helps in retaining the temperature for a doctor’s recommended time of 20 minutes. The product can be refrigerated for 2 hours to use it for cold therapy while microwaving it for 15 seconds can make it effectively hot. The heat decreases the soreness and also reduces nasal congestion. It can be used for dry eyes, allergies, headaches, sinuses, puffy eyes, etc. 

Key Features: 

Favorable contour: The face-hugging shape of the eye mask makes it easy to handle. It stays put in the area which needs heat or cold treatment for 20 long minutes. Besides, there are no problems with drips or leaks. 

Reusable: The eye mask can be used more than once, if we know how to preserve it well. Store it in an air-tight container or bag inside a freezer, and you are good to go. 

One-stop solution for eye problems: TheraPearl Eye Mask can be used to treat dry eyes, puffy eyes, tender eyebrows. Any pain in and around the sinus area, nasal congestion, or even headache can be diminished by its therapeutic effect. 

Modify as per your need: If you need cold therapy, consider refrigerating for 2 hours. If the warmth gives you relief, just heat for 10-15 secs and penetrating heat will heal your pain.

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