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Syringe and Neddel Terminator Electric Delux

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Both the syringe and needle are two very important instruments which are needed extensively in a hospital or doctor’s clinic. It is required to collect blood samples for various tests, inject in medicines, IV fluids, etc, into the veins and much more. None of these could be done if without the syringe. But since this instrument can be used only once, it is important to destroy it before it is used again. Destroying the syringe and needle with bare hand is not a safe thing to do and the best product which comes handy in this situation is the Syringe & Needle Terminator Electric (Deluxe). It can easily destroy the used syringe in time. 
Key features – 
This device has a 3 stage extra burner.
This device is made of a heavy metal body. 
Power supply: 250 W A/C 50 Hz. 

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