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Suture Needles Half Circle Round (144 Needles)

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Suture needles that are used for closing any open wounds or surgical cuts are called cutting needles. The needles are designed that way to penetrate wounds, that may be located in areas which are fleshy. One end of the suture needle has an eye which is supposed to smooth so as not to fray the suture thread that is to be passed through it. Suture needles are made of surgical steel and are corrosion resistant.

Key feature:
a) Half Circle Cutting: These needles are half circle cutting needles, which are generally used for general closure of skin, subcutaneous tissue, as well as sometimes for ophthalmic and plastic surgery
b) All Sizes Available (1 to 20): These needles are available in multiple sizes, to ensure that all types of surgical needs are met.

Doctors use suture needles to place the sutures within the tissues
Round Bodied Half Circle
Stainless Steel


Q: What are suture needles used for?

A: Suture needles are used for closing open wounds or surgical cuts. They are designed to penetrate fleshy areas and are used to place sutures within the tissues.

Q: What is the design of these suture needles?

A: These suture needles are half-circle cutting needles. They are commonly used for general closure of skin and subcutaneous tissue, and sometimes in ophthalmic and plastic surgery procedures.

Q: What material are these suture needles made of?

A: These suture needles are made of stainless steel, which is known for its corrosion resistance and durability.

Q: Are different sizes of needles available?

A: Yes, these suture needles are available in multiple sizes, ranging from 1 to 20. This ensures that various surgical needs can be met with the appropriate needle size.

Q: How are the needles packed?

A: The needles are packed in a quantity of 144 needles. The exact packaging details may vary, but the provided information states a packing size of (24x6), which indicates that there are 24 packs, each containing 6 needles.

Q: Can these suture needles be used for different surgical applications?

A: Yes, these suture needles can be used in various surgical applications, including general closure of skin and subcutaneous tissue. However, it is important to consult with a healthcare professional or surgeon to determine the appropriate needle type and size for a specific procedure.

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