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Surgical Blades Single Use Pack of 100

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Surgical Blades are made of Carbon steel / Stainless steel. They are packed in peel apart foil pouches. Each blade
is individually packed in a foil pack to prevent the edge from getting damaged in contact with another blade. Carbon
steel have a protective VCI liner.
Intended for tissue separation and other procedures that require a sharp blade to puncture or cut.
• This device must only be used by surgeons who are trained & qualified in the appropriate skills.
• Don’t use if product or pouch appear to be damaged
• For single patient use only content supplied sterile
• During use avoid twisting, bending or putting excessive force or strain on the blade in order to prevent
• It is recommended that the foil pouch is peeled apart half in a sterile area allowing the blade to be exposed.
There is no need to drop the blade from the pack.
• Blade shall be used with Fitment# 3 and Fitment# 4 handles conforming to EN ISO 27740.
• The blade can be either directly fitted on to metal handle by sliding the handle in the slot made on the blade
before removing the blade from the pouch or the blade can removed from the pouch with a forceps and fitted on
the handle as shown in the attached sketch.
• Keep away from direct sun light.
• Keep away from rain
• Storage temperature should be 5°C to 30°C
• Keep away from children
• Store in cool and dry place.
DISPOSAL: Proper care must be taken during disposal to avoid any contact or injury due to sharp nature of the
object. Suggest dispose in approved sharps container.
Blade is extremely sharp. Handle with care. Used sharps are contaminated. Disease may occur from injury. Refer to
AORN, CDC, OSHA or other local standards setting organization guidelines for handling and disposal of sharps 
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Brand NameMedivision
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Address of entity330, Patparganj Industrial Area, Delhi - 110092
India Helpline Number8586012345
Country of OriginIndia

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