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Nonabsorbable sutures are unaffected by body fluid and remain unaltered for an extended period of time. They are removed once the wounds have healed. Nonabsorbable sutures include silk, cotton, nylon, and metallic sutures.
Silk sutures. These sutures are smooth and strong, and they are braided by merging numerous twisted threads into a dense mass. To soften the strands, they are disinfected and cooked in water.
Indications: Silk surgical suture is approved for general soft tissue approximation and ligation, as well as cardiovascular, ophthalmology, and neurological procedures.

Cotton sutures. Cotton sutures have uniform size and are indicated in essential parts where suture strength is required for an extended period of time.
Indication: When utilised in clean wounds, cotton thread is a fantastic suture material. In polluted locations, fine ligatures are OK, while lengthy suture loops are not. To make its use easier, a "cotton technique" must be developed.
Nylon sutures. Nylon microfilaments are braided into strands with the desired diameter. These sutures are utilised in skin and plastic surgery because they are robust and water resistant.
Indication: Nylon suture is also used for soft tissue approximation and ligation in a variety of operations, including cardiovascular, neurological, and ophthalmic procedures.


Surgeon Thread
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