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Square Pattern Knee HammerTuning Fork

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TheQueen Square Pattern Knee Hammer

TheQueen Square Pattern Knee Hammer is designed to provoke myotatic, plantar, andabdominal responses while also enhancing patient comfort. The Queen SquarePattern Knee Hammer head is topped with a chrome-plated brass disc (about 50mmin diameter), which is grooved to hold the rubber collar.

Theweighted head and soft rubber collar are ideal for triggering myotaticresponses. The handle is made of flexible nylon and has a slim tapering shape.The tapering tip is excellent for triggering plantar and abdominal responses.

TuningFork (512Hz):

A tuning fork is ametal instrument with two prongs or tines and a handle. When hit, tuning forksvibrate at a specific frequency, producing a musical tone. The vibrationscreated can be used to evaluate a person's capacity to hear different soundfrequencies. A vibrating tuning fork held adjacent to the ear or against theskull causes the inner ear to vibrate, which can assist identify if there ishearing loss.



Compatible Material 
Metal , Chrome

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