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Sponge Holding Forcep 10 inch

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Sponge Holding Forceps are a versatile surgical instrument that surgeons use to catch and hold swabs and sponges that help clean the operating site of blood and other fluids.

  • Atraumatic serrated jaws for a firm grip.
  • Versatile Ratchet Mechanism.
  • Ergonomic Design Finger Rings for Easier Handling
  • It has a pair of loop-shaped jaws with an oval fenestration in the middle. Furthermore, the jaws' inside surfaces include horizontal serrations to prevent sponge from falling into the surgical site.
  • Elongated shanks connect the box lock to a ratchet mechanism on the device. The box lock also provides for a smooth clamping action, which helps to prevent unintended harm.
  • All of our Sponge Holding Forceps are made of premium stainless steel.


 Product                         Sponge Holding Forceps
 Working End Details Fenestrated Jaws with Serrations
 Instrument Profile   Straight
 Handle Type       Ring Handle
 Ratchet / Lock Yes
 Finish  Satin
 Material             Metal
 Reusable Yes

Sponge Holding Forcep 10 inch FAQ

Q: What is a Sponge Holding Forceps?

A: Sponge Holding Forceps are surgical instruments designed to catch and securely hold swabs and sponges during surgical procedures. They are commonly used by surgeons and surgical staff to aid in cleaning the operating site by absorbing blood and other fluids.

Q: What are the key features of Sponge Holding Forceps?

A: Sponge Holding Forceps come with several features that enhance their functionality and ease of use. These features include:
Atraumatic serrated jaws: The jaws of the forceps have horizontal serrations that provide a firm grip on the sponges or swabs without causing tissue damage.
Versatile ratchet mechanism: The forceps are equipped with a ratchet mechanism that allows for secure locking and release of the swabs or sponges, ensuring they remain in place during the procedure.
Ergonomic design finger rings: The forceps have finger rings designed for comfortable handling, providing a secure and controlled grip for the user.
Fenestrated jaws with serrations: The jaws of the forceps have an oval fenestration in the middle and horizontal serrations on the inside surfaces to prevent the sponge or swab from slipping or falling into the surgical site.
Premium stainless steel construction: The forceps are made of high-quality stainless steel, ensuring durability, corrosion resistance, and ease of sterilization.

Q: What is the purpose of Sponge Holding Forceps?

A: The primary purpose of Sponge Holding Forceps is to securely hold sponges or swabs during surgical procedures. They play a crucial role in maintaining a clear and clean operating field by absorbing blood and other fluids, allowing surgeons to work with better visibility and reducing the risk of contamination.

Q: Can Sponge Holding Forceps be reused?

A: Yes, Sponge Holding Forceps are designed to be reusable. They are typically made of high-quality stainless steel, which allows for repeated sterilization and use. However, it is important to follow proper sterilization protocols and maintenance procedures to ensure their cleanliness and integrity.

Q: Are Sponge Holding Forceps suitable for all types of surgeries?

A: Sponge Holding Forceps are versatile instruments used in various surgical procedures across different specialties. They are commonly employed in general surgery, gynecological procedures, and other surgical fields where maintaining a clear operating site is essential. However, their specific use may vary depending on the surgical procedure and the surgeon's preference.

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