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Sphygomanometer Stethoscope Tuning Fork Combo

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Clinic Diagnostic Combo consists of :

1) Diamond Dial Deluxe Sphygmomanometer BP Apparatus

2) Dr.Odin Premium Stethoscope

3) Tuning Fork Combo with 128 Hz, 256 Hz and 512 Hz

Diamond Dial Deluxe Sphygmomanometer BP Apparatus

The cuff and bellows are very easy to use and are made out of quality materials designed to last a very long time despite regular use.

The cuff is designed to facilitate an easy grip, which ensures you don’t have to adjust with any discomfort whatsoever.

The casing is made of Aluminum Zinc alloy and is manufactured through pressure die casting and will ensure you get precise readings at all times.

Further, all metal parts of the BP monitor are treated with Nickel and Chromium to minimize risk of rust or corrosion.

The casing is combined with a crystal cover glass for good visibility.

The cover is resistant to scratches and will not crack or shatter even in the event of contact with any sharp or hard object.

The plastic and rubber parts are made of high-quality materials designed to enhance functionality and ease of use.

The product comes in a soft carrying case that lets you keep the monitor close to you at all times

Dr.Odin Premium Stethoscope

Brass Chest Piece and Frame: The stethoscope has a brass chest piece and frame which make it look appealing and up-to-date with the current trends in stethoscopes. 

Built for A Wide Range of Frequencies: Due to its dual tunable diaphragm, this stethoscope can be used to hear a wide range of frequencies. 

6 Month Warranty: This stethoscope has a 6-month warranty and can be used without any worries of breakage.

Versatile design: Chest piece and thick tubing provide you with the flexibility to hear full range of sounds and reliable acoustic performance.

Safety promise: Dr. Odin professional premium stethoscope is strictly clinically tested and certified, can be used with blood pressure cuff for medical and home use.

Tuning Fork Combo with 128 Hz, 256 Hz and 512 Hz

A tuning fork is a metal instrument with a handle and two prongs or tines. Tuning forks, will vibrate at a set frequency to produce a musical tone when struck. The vibrations produced can be used to assess a person's ability to hear various sound frequencies

A vibrating tuning fork held next to the ear or placed against the skull will stimulate the inner ear to vibrate, and can help determine if there is hearing loss

A tuning fork is a metal instrument with a handle and two prongs or tines

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