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Customised Bed Mattress

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Sound Sleep Combo 

Sound sleeps has numerous benefits like improved attention, memory, behaviour and overall mental and physical well being. People with musco-skelton discomforts are specially prone to runs and tosses along with agonising pain and need extra care in the sleep envoirnment. Meddey brings you a collection of right products for sound sleep specially designed as per indvidual needs :

1. Customized Pillow
2. Customized Mattress
3. Knee Pillow

Customized Pillow

When you sleep straight head should be touching the bed / surface while your neck should be supported by a pillow or cushion

When you sleep on side length between surface and your pillow should be approximate to shoulder length

With the background that every indvidual has different shoulder , neck height and neck curvature here we present a Pillow Specially Designed for You!

1) Pillow is made of High QUality Fibers enveopled in Coton fabric
2) Ergonomically designed Pillow has a hole or Occipito Pit encricle your head and its poistioned as per the size of your neck length
3) Variable Thickness of Pillow as per the shoulder length

Key Differences :

Traditional Pillow 
Head is under pressure while turning over
Flat shape does not support curves and cause of neck pain
Single height does not give required support to head and shoulder

Customized Pillow
Shape of central hole provides constant support to head inspite of rolling over to side during sleep
Distance between central hole and bottom of pillow is as per your neck length thus making it snug fit during sleeping on your back
Height of pillow as per your shoulder length provides desired support during side turns or side sleep

Customized Mattress

When you sleep, surface should be able to support various curvatures of your body. While the neck should be encircled with a pillow with whole in the center; your upper back and lower back has curvatures exactly opposite to each other, also below your pelvic there are curves in upper and lower legs.

There are numerous options of mattresses as sleeping surface available in the market which are made of materials like coir, PU foam or memmory foam or mix of these. However these comes in vert standard shapes and sizes mostly fitting one's bed size.

We bring you a mattress which actually fits to your body!! Yes a customized Mattress, specially designed as per your height and weight.

What's special - its made of multiple layers with a very specialized role :

Layer 1 : Top Most Layer is made of Memory foram ranging from 1 to 1.5 inches and takes shape as per your body prosture and helps you with comfortable sleep

Layer 2 : Second from top layer is made of High Resilience (HR) Foam and its depth depends on your weight hence a mainstay for structural support to your body

Layer 3 : Third from top layer is made of Cool Gel Foam and approx 1 inches depth and helps provide coolness to heat generated while sleeping

Layer 4 : Bottom layer is made of High Density Foam with depth which decides overall depth of your mattress viz should be more than 90 deg angle when you sit on your mattress

How do we make Mattress Custom Fit for you :

1. We take few measurements
- your weight
- dimentions between ankle and knee
- height of your bed
- length and breadth of your bed

2. We decide the height of your mattress and depth of vairous layers

3. Seek your approval

4. Customized mattress is home delivered within 8 to 10 working days

Knee Support Pillow is made of very resilient memory roam and promote right way of sleeping! Ergonomic contour helps in elevating the knees provide support back. It helps in achieving perfect spinal alignment.

Key Features:

Memory Foam : molds well with the shape of the body and provides exceptional support to the area between Knees. High quality memory foam lasts longer than ordinary foam and provides great comfort.
Wide application : Knee support pillow can be useful for many disease conditions like sciatica, back pain and pregnancy issues.
Soft outer cover : highly skin friendly and encourages comfortable good night sleep

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