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Small Fragment Instrument Set

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  • Periosteal Elevator 8 mm
  • Depth Gauge Small
  • Plate Bender Small – Pair
  • Hohmann Retractor 12 mm – 2X
  • Hohmann Retractor 8 mm – 2X
  • Sharp Hook
  • Quick Coupling Screw Driver
  • Drill Bit 2.5 mm
  • Drill Bit 3.5 mm
  • Screw Driver with Holding Sleeve
  • Quick Coupling T Handle
  • Combined Drill and Tap Sleeve 2.7x3.5
  • Drill Guide neutral and load
  • Self-centering Bone Holding Forceps – 2X
  • Reduction Forceps Serrated
  • Pointed Reduction Forceps
  • Drill Bit for Locking Screw 2.8 mm – 2X
  • Osteotome Fiber Handle 10 mm
  • Wire Sleeve
  • Bone Tap for 4 mm Cancellous screw
  • Bone Tap for 3.5 mm cortical screw
  • Counter Sink
  • Locking Drill Sleeve – 2X
  • Screw Driver 3.5 mm

Small Fragment Instrument Set FAQ

Q: What is a Small Fragment Instrument Set?

A: A Small Fragment Instrument Set is a collection of specialized surgical instruments designed for the fixation and stabilization of small bone fragments in orthopedic surgeries. It includes a range of tools and instruments required for procedures involving small bone fragments, such as fractures or osteotomies.

Q: What instruments are included in a Small Fragment Instrument Set?

A: A Small Fragment Instrument Set typically includes a variety of instruments, such as a periosteal elevator, depth gauge, plate bender, Hohmann retractors of different sizes, sharp hook, quick coupling screwdriver, drill bits of various sizes, screwdriver with holding sleeve, quick coupling T handle, combined drill and tap sleeve, drill guides, self-centering bone holding forceps, reduction forceps (serrated and pointed), drill bit for locking screw, osteotome with a fiber handle, wire sleeve, bone taps for cancellous and cortical screws, counter sink, locking drill sleeve, and screwdriver.

Q: What are the uses of the instruments in a Small Fragment Instrument Set?

A: Each instrument in the Small Fragment Instrument Set serves a specific purpose in orthopedic procedures involving small bone fragments. For example, the periosteal elevator is used to lift and separate the periosteum from the bone surface. Depth gauge helps determine the appropriate length for screws or implants. Plate bender is used to shape bone plates for optimal fit. Hohmann retractors are employed for tissue retraction and exposure. Sharp hook aids in bone manipulation. Drill bits, screwdrivers, and tap sleeves are used for creating holes and inserting screws or implants. Bone holding forceps assist in securing and manipulating bone fragments. Osteotome is used for cutting or shaping bone. The wire sleeve helps guide wires during fixation, and the counter sink is used for countersinking screw heads.

Q: Are these instruments reusable?

A: The reusability of the instruments in the Small Fragment Instrument Set can vary. Some instruments, such as the screwdrivers, drill bits, and taps, are typically disposable and intended for single-use only. However, other instruments, such as the retractors, forceps, elevators, and benders, can be reusable after proper sterilization and maintenance. It is essential to follow the manufacturer's instructions and adhere to standard sterilization protocols to ensure the safe and effective reuse of reusable instruments.

Q: Can this instrument set be used for other types of surgeries?

A: The Small Fragment Instrument Set is specifically designed for orthopedic surgeries involving small bone fragments. While some instruments may have applications in other surgical procedures, it is primarily intended for orthopedic use. Different surgical specialties may require specialized instrument sets tailored to their specific procedures.

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