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Skin Grafting Blade Carbon Steel Sterile (Pack of 10)

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Pack of 10 

It's a single-use, disposable skin grafting handle blade.

Knife Blades for Skin Grafting are used to graft a patch ofskin. During surgical treatments, a skin grafting blade is a valuableinstrument for collecting skin grafts/slices from patients.


  • Designed to support a wide variety of handles


  • Used to collect split skin grafts.
  • Used to cover a raw surface made up of good vascularized orclean granulations in order to promote healing and prevent deformity anddisability.


  • After preparing the donor site, the limp is securely held.
  • The graft is removed with a steady to and for sawing motionwhile the knife is placed firmly against the skin.
  • By altering the depth of the knife, you may get theappropriate thickness of the graft.
  • A very thin graft is transparent, and the knife bladebeneath appears blue grey.
  • It creates a layer of tiny, densely packed or confluentbleeding spots.
  • In the case of a full thickness transplant, the subcutaneousfat is visible.

Specifications :

 Product Skin Grafting Blade
 Types Blade No. 22
 Material Metal
 Shapes Straight Blade
 Type of Cutting Edge Angled
 Packaging Type1 Per Pack
 Size/Dimension  157 x 18 x 0.229 mm

Skin Grafting Blade Carbon Steel Sterile FAQ

Q: What is a Skin Grafting Blade?

A: A Skin Grafting Blade is a specialized surgical instrument used for grafting a patch of skin onto a patient's body. It is a single-use, disposable blade designed specifically for skin grafting procedures.

Q: What are the main uses of Skin Grafting Blades?

A: Skin Grafting Blades are primarily used in surgical procedures to collect skin grafts or slices from patients. These grafts are then used to cover raw surfaces with good vascularized or clean granulations to promote healing, prevent deformity, and restore functionality.

Q: How is a Skin Grafting Blade used during the procedure?

A: During the procedure, the skin grafting blade is firmly placed against the skin, and a steady back-and-forth sawing motion is applied to collect the graft. The depth of the knife can be adjusted to obtain the desired thickness of the graft. A thin graft appears transparent, with the knife blade underneath appearing blue-grey. The blade creates a layer of tiny, densely packed or confluent bleeding spots. In the case of a full-thickness graft, subcutaneous fat may be visible.

Q: What are the key features of Skin Grafting Blades?

A: Skin Grafting Blades are designed to support a wide variety of handles, allowing for compatibility with different surgical setups. They have a straight blade shape and an angled cutting edge, which aids in precision and control during the grafting procedure. The blades are sterile and come individually packaged for single-use purposes.

Q: What are the specifications of the Skin Grafting Blade?

A: The described Skin Grafting Blade is of type Blade No. 22, made of metal. It has a straight blade shape and an angled cutting edge. The size or dimensions of the blade are approximately 157 x 18 x 0.229 mm. Each blade is sterile and is packaged individually.

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