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Sinus Forceps Straight

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Sinus Forceps are used by maxillofacial, plastic, and ENT surgeons to pack sinuses, remove foreign bodies, and insert drains intonasal or oral cavities.

It is primarily used to absorb contaminated fluids from aninfected sinus or abscess during some operation.


  • Transverse Serrations for Enhanced Gripping
  • Long Jaws Ensuring Deep Surgical Access
  • Blunt Working End to Prevent Accidental Injury
  • A pair of wide finger rings for minimizing slippage
  • The boxlock system allows the tips to be closed against oneother with smooth movements.
  • Premium grade Metal
  • Fine satin finish toreduce glare

Sizes are available

6; 7 & 8 Inches
Working End Details
Instrument Profile
Handle Type
Ring Handle
Frequently Asked Question:

Q: What are Sinus Forceps?

A: Sinus Forceps are surgical instruments commonly used by maxillofacial, plastic, and ENT (ear, nose, and throat) surgeons. They are designed to perform various procedures, including packing sinuses, removing foreign bodies, and inserting drains into nasal or oral cavities.

Q: What are the primary uses of Sinus Forceps?

A: Sinus Forceps are primarily used to absorb contaminated fluids from infected sinuses or abscesses during surgical procedures. They help in maintaining a clear surgical field and promoting effective drainage.

Q: What are the key features of Sinus Forceps?

A: Sinus Forceps typically include the following features:
Transverse serrations: These serrations on the jaws of the forceps provide enhanced gripping and help in securely holding tissues or packing materials.
Long jaws: The long jaws of the forceps allow for deep access into the sinus cavity or oral cavity during procedures.
Blunt working end: The working end of the forceps is designed to be blunt to prevent accidental injury to delicate tissues.
Wide finger rings: Sinus Forceps are equipped with wide finger rings to ensure a comfortable grip and minimize slippage during use.
Boxlock system: The boxlock system enables the forceps tips to be closed against each other smoothly, providing precise control and manipulation.

Q: What is the material and finish of Sinus Forceps?

A: Sinus Forceps are typically made of premium-grade metal, such as stainless steel, to ensure durability and resistance to corrosion. They feature a fine satin finish, which helps reduce glare during surgical procedures.

Q: Are Sinus Forceps reusable?

A: Yes, Sinus Forceps are designed to be reusable. They are made from materials that can withstand sterilization processes, allowing for safe and effective reuse in multiple surgical procedures.

Q: What is the sizes and profile of Sinus Forceps?

A: The described Sinus Forceps have a size of 6; 7 & 8 Inches. They have a straight instrument profile, which allows for easy maneuverability and access to the surgical site.

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