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Shoulder Pulley Multi use for Home Gym Exercise and Physical Therapy - Medansh

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Medansh multi-use over door Shoulder Pulley for smooth upper body movement and shoulder exercises for quick set up and physiotherapy at home.

When was the last time you thought about your shoulders needed relief?

Shoulders are an important part of our body which are least thought about until a severe injury or pain occurs. Discomfort in the shoulder area makes daily activities like wearing clothes or brushing your hair seem like a monumental task.

Visiting the doctor is fine but keeping up with physiotherapy commitments is Laborious and time-consuming!

If you feel the same way, then Medansh Multi use Over Door Shoulder Pully is just the right product for you.

Whether you need to exercise your upper body for fitness or to exercise your shoulders post-surgery, multi-us Over Door Shoulder Pulley is tailored for you. Get back to full range of motion, flexibility and strength with this product. 

The package comes with everything required such as:

1. Instruction manual

2. Door strap

3. Cord – 2.2 mtr length with special connectors for rope adjustment

4. Main pulley with handles

Exercise at home easily and safely with the Medansh Multi-use Over Door Shoulder Pully which sets up quickly and promises great results.

Key Benefits:

At-Home Therapy: Door Shoulder Pulley is ideal for improving shoulder movement and coordination, or rehabilitation post-surgery or injury. It improves the range of motion in the shoulders. It's quick and effective.

Simplicity is key: Over Door Shoulder Pulley is set up in a few minutes by simply positioning the hook to any railing or web strap over the hinged side of any standard door. Its ergonomic handles are easy to hold and make the user's experience high quality and comfortable.

Therapy on the go: Don't compromise your time for anything! Over Door Shoulder Pulley is compatible with performing daily activities like while walking, sitting, lying down etc without any discomfort.

We care for you: The Over Door Shoulder Pulley is designed in a way that it fits snugly between your door and frame to avoid any scratches.

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