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SG Health Anti Pollution Face Mask ( Pack of 5)

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The deadly droplet dispersed viruses can easily be stopped by using appropriate protection like masks and maintaining hygiene. Our N-95 mask comes in multiple layers with a small pore size that filters out viruses and protects you from catching them in the first place. It also prevents wearers from spreading a virus further if they are infected

Product Description :-

This is a pack of 5 masks that comes with multiple layers of protection, to protect against microorganisms like bacteria and viruses. It also protects against pollutants like dust and Suspended Particulate matter. The 95 in its name stands for 95% of airborne products being filtered. The N95 mask contains an electrocharged layer capable of attracting and trapping aerosol droplets down to very small sizes in the micrometres. It is the only available technology that prevents virions like Covid-19 from being dispersed and is a must-have in today's time.

Key Features :-

Protective Materials : -The inner layer is made of a fine mesh of synthetically manufactured polymers, in a non-woven fabric made from polypropylene. There are multiple such layers providing good protection.

Breathable :-While providing protection against droplets containing viruses and bacteria, this mask allows the user to breathe freely, and thus protects against hypoxia.

Adjustable :- An adjustable nose clip allows free fitting across various sizes of nasal bridges, and allows universal use.

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