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Heating Pad Wireless Portable for Knee Elbow Neck and Ankle Joints Pain - Sandpuppy Strappr

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There is no stopping in a world where time means money. Pain and injuries are inevitable in our fast-paced lifestyle but one cannot afford to let pain get in their way. Surface heat treatment has emerged as a leading choice of experts to seek relief from pain. Sandpuppy Strappr stands out as the perfect solution. With its ease of use, efficiency and portability, its quality and relaxation is unmatched.

Product Description:

Everyone in the twenty-first century leads an active life with barely any time to rest. One deserves a fast-paced option for pain relief for their fleeting lives. Thankfully, the Sandpuppy Strappr is a portable, wireless heating pad carefully made with soft velcro fabric that allows heat to penetrate into your skin, softening muscles and tissues of the affected area, for maximum relief and rest. It comes with a power bank, and an instruction manual making it easy to use.

Key Benefits:

  • Carry it with you everywhere: Regular heating pads become a heavy addition to our luggage but unlike others, Sandpuppy Strappr is designed to be small and portable so carry it wherever you please, no need for suitcases, just a handbag will do!
  • No more long, tangled wires: Sandpuppy Strappr comes with a power bank and can be wirelessly charged anywhere, anytime.
  • Comfortable Quality: Constructed with high-quality soft velcro, Sandpuppy Strappr promises optimum pain relief and also, a comfortable grip.
  • One-fit for all the joints: The Sandpuppy Strappr is so simple to use that anyone can learn to use it. Its flexibility makes it easy to wrap around the knee, elbow, joints, thighs, neck etc.

How to Use:

  • Place the heating pad on the affected area and strap it around using the wrap band in a position that is most comfortable to you.
  • Plug the USB cable inside the power bank so that Strappr begins charging.
  • Long press the power button on the pad for 5 minutes.
  • Choose heat selection. Red indicates Very Hot, Medium indicates Medium Heat, White indicates Low Heat.
  • After usage, recharge power bank using your phone charger.
  • Slim Design - can fit in a carry bag
  • Made from high quality, durable fabric
  • Comfort from niggling joint aches
  • Relaxed muscles due to deep penetrative heat
  • Deep Heating Technology
  • Unique design - One solution to all joint pain
  • Wireless - No botheration of wires and plug points
  • Adjustable heat level
  • Portable - use at home, car, flight, office

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Top quality strips from a trusted brand. I always rely on accu chek as results don’t show any variations when I co-relate with clinical test.


01 Mar, 2018

Cost effective combo. I always love your combo deals. Thank you.

Avnit Shankar Sinha

29 Aug, 2018

Great combo as lancets is rare to find. And you need to puncture with a new lancet each time.


21 Sep, 2018

If you want to keep a track of your blood glucose always keep a pack handy.

yash trikha

27 Sep, 2017

I tend to check sugar levels every week. This is a great product. Best part is that the expiry is almost 15months later from date of purchase.

Alok Kapur

21 Mar, 2018

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