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Sandpuppy Heatpad Go USB Powered Heating Strap

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SandPuppy HeatPad Go is a safe & multi-purpose heating pad for back, knee & shoulder pain relief. This heating pad could also be used for heat therapy on thighs, calves & for other joint pain relief. 

Large area heating pad of size 9 x 12.5 inches makes it suitable for various body types.

SandPuppy HeatPad Go operates on a USB connector that is compatible with a power bank (not included), adaptor (not included), computer or a car USB port. This makes the HeatPad Go portable & you can use it anywhere on the go. Use a 5V 2A power source for optimal heat performance. 

The minimum Power requirement of 5V 2A & an inbuilt thermostat makes it extremely safe to use. 

This heating belt is particularly very useful for senior citizens as it will save the hassle of handling boiling water for hot water bags. 

HeatPad Go can be worn as a heating belt around your back or on any affected body part. It works on Far InfraRed (FIR) heating which penetrates the tissues deep to provide efficient pain relief. 

Portable heating pad with soft stain-resistant fabric and an easy to strap velcro band makes this heat belt extremely easy & convenient to use. HeatPad Go is very compact & comes with a reusable fabric pouch which makes it easy to carry around. 

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