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Rossmax X9 Professional BP Monitor with Stroke Risk Screening

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The Rossmax X9 professional BP monitor serves a range of purposes to patients like detecting high or low blood pressure levels and helps them to avoid risks of a cardiac arrest or a stroke. Since unmonitored blood pressure can cause several risks, this machine owing to its range of features is quite popular amongst the aged. Starting from indicating hypertension to detecting bradycardia and tachycardia to detecting various movements, this machine is not only helpful but also handy and economical. 

Product description

Monitoring Blood pressure, especially at old age becomes exceptionally important, and ignoring it might cause a number of health hazards. The Rossmax X9 professional BP monitor is extremely beneficial in such cases as it can detect the slightest fluctuations in blood pressure along with monitoring various other parameters of the body. The product is not only useful but also handy as it can be carried from place to place and consists of a wide range of sensors to detect abnormal heartbeat, pulse rate, and so on. Further, the LCD and the backlight of the product help in reading the screen with greater ease. 

Key Features

Arrhythmia Detection - Arrhythmia can indicate severe heart damage and is indicated by inconsistent and irregular heartbeats. This can be detected on time with the machine. 

Atrial Fibrillation Detection - Artrial fibrillation is caused because of the uncoordinated functioning of the artria of the lung which can eventually cause a heart attack. The detector in this machine helps to avoid this risk. 

Tachycardia detection - Tachycardia is a medical condition where heartbeats are over 100/ minute and it can lead to the sudden collapse of the individual. The product detects heartbeats even slightly higher than usual and helps in the prevention of such a situation. 

Bradycardia detection - The product also helps in detecting heartbeats below 60/ minutes and prevents individuals from collapsing. 

Lifetime calibration - Rossmax X9 professional BP monitor also has a lifetime calibration which further adds to its utility. 

6V Adaptor included - An adaptor to run the machine with battery wherever possible is provided within which makes it even more user friendly. 

Cuff Holder Design - In order to hang the product or to ensure that it can be kept safely, a cuff holder design is also provided on the body of the machine. 

Premature contract detection - This machine also helps in detecting any premature heartbeat that might affect the regular heartbeat cycle so that patients can go for medical help immediately. 

Automatic & Auscultatory measurement - The product also comprises sensors which help in automatic and auscultatory measurement facilities.

Jumbo size XL digit - The jumbo size digit enhances the readability of the results on the screen of the machine. 

90 memories with date time indication - The product not only displays results of your body parameters but also indicates the date and time on its screen increasing its utility. 

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