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Rossmax WF260 Body Fat Analyser

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Body Fat Monitor with scale - Rossmax WF260: Reduce fat not muscle.

We all love to preserve our hard-earned gains after months of intense workouts. However, every time cardio sessions end up burning more muscle than fat and we end up losing some good muscle. No more! With the new body fat monitor, know your precise body fat and muscle ratios and adjust your workouts accordingly, so that all your gains stay with you and your dream physique isn’t a distant reality any more.

Product Description:

The Body Fat Monitor with scale is a must-have product in every home for the good health of the family as well as for salvaging lost muscle tissue post intense cardiovascular workouts. Now you can measure your body fat and muscle tissue composition and hence tune your workouts accordingly for maximal muscle retention while simultaneously burning that stubborn visceral fat. Finding it difficult to go below 12% body fat without losing muscle tissue because you do not know what your BMR is? No worries, this machine solves your problem by calculating your BMR as well, so changing your diet to maintain hypo caloricity is also very simple.

Key Features:

  • Sensor technology: No need to use skin folds or pinch yourself to determine your body fat percentage, as sensors in the machine read and give you an accurate percentage anyway.
  • Body fat and muscle measurement:Easily measure your muscle to fat ratio and alter your cardio and weight training sessions accordingly.
  • Bone mass assessment:Measures your bone mass to give you a fair idea of bone and mineral density in case you need supplementation.
  • Body hydration measurement:Body hydration gives you an idea of water levels which are vital to have prolonged and energetic work out sessions without getting fatigued.
  • BMR (basal metabolic rate) calculation: Calculate your BMR to assess how fast your body burns calories.
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Brand NameRossmax
Brand OriginTaiwan
Address of entityBH - 412A, Puri Business Hub 81 - High Street, Sector 81 Faridabad - 121002 Haryana, India
India Helpline Number9811600264
Country of OriginTaiwan

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