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Rossmax Peak Flow Meter with Hand Sanitizer 100ml Non-woven Mask Combo

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This Combo contains one unit each of the below items:

1. Peak Flow Meter

2. Hand Sanitizer 100 ml

3. Non-woven masks (4 quantity)

Peak Flow Meter

The best way to keep your Asthma under control! 

Amongst all the ailments a human body might have to face, asthma is the most common one. Having breathing issues and asthma is nothing uncommon these days, and given the amount of pollution we face on a daily basis, taking care of ourselves should be given utmost importance. But all odds aside, you might fail to prevent yourself from getting asthma, but what is totally under your control is keeping a check on it. The Rossmax Peak Flow Meters is the best option for you to keep a check on your asthma. This device is an inexpensive, portable, handheld device for those with asthma. It is used to measure how well air moves out of the lungs. This measure is called a "peak expiratory flow," or "PEF." Keeping track of your PEF, is one way you can know if your symptoms of asthma are in control or worsening. 

Product Description:

The Rossmax Peak Flow Meters is a very handy, compact, convenient and portable device. This gadget is strictly for grown-ups and not for kids. It can be used with a lot of ease in hospitals, clinics, and one’s own house, but only if he or she is an adult. It is known for giving accurate measures and helps a person suffering with asthma keep it on check by measuring the amount of air which moved out of the lungs.  

Key Features: 

  • Compact, lightweight and portable: The Rossmax Peak Flow Meters is a very easy to carry a device which is portable and compact, making it easier for the users to carry it around.
  • Easily readable measurements: The Rossmax Peak Flow Meters has an easy system of measurement which makes it simpler for users to understand the logistics of the readings.
  • Measurement Range: This machine has a measurement range of 60-800 L/min.
  • Washable and disposable mouthpiece: The mouthpiece attached in this device is washable, making it suitable for usage over one time. The mouthpiece is also disposable.

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