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Rossmax Cardiology EB-600 Stethoscope

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Hypertension and blood pressure-related disorders are at an all-time high in this fast-paced world. This itself calls for regular checking and monitoring of visceral organs and their functionality, especially the heart and the lungs. In this regard, the first step to monitoring such conditions is to stably auscultate. For that, a good quality stethoscope is quintessential. 

Product Description:

The Rossmax Stethoscope EB 600 is a well-crafted stethoscope that provides precise and accurate sounds that you might need as preliminary auscultation methods. Ensure an accurate and outstanding performance with master cardiology stethoscope This combined adult and pediatric chest piece is precisely machined with surgical stainless steel. It has an ultra-sensitive diaphragm for greater amplification.

Key Benefits:

  • Acoustic Precision: The Rossmax Stethoscope EB 600 is constructed in such a way that it provides accurate sounds of your viscera. Additionally, by virtue of its construction, easier hearing of systolic and diastolic sounds, and thereby blood pressure has become easy.
  • Superior Construction: Being constructed out of stainless steel, the Rossmax Stethoscope EB 600 provides stability and does not succumb to any effects of pressure or stress if kept in tight conditions, especially in cases or backpacks. 
  • Interchangeable Diaphragms: Since children and adults respond to different frequencies, the Rossmax Stethoscope EB 600 comes equipped with interchangeable diaphragms. Not only does it make it more convenient, but saves one the inconvenience of carrying another stethoscope. 
  • Proprietary Design: The valve mechanism design allows better flow of sound, thereby better measurement capabilities. 
  • Two-in-one: With double-tubed construction, the Rossmax Stethoscope EB 600 allows better and deeper hearing of visceral sounds. 
  • Latex-free: Keeping possible hypersensitivity issues in mind, the Rossmax Stethoscope EB 600 has been made latex-free. Using the stethoscope for longer duration has become easier by virtue of materials of construction. 
  • More Accessories: Coming with extra ear-tips, the Rossmax Stethoscope EB 600 makes itself a great value-for-money proposition.

Key Features:

  • Super acoustic sensitivity
  • Advanced stainless steel construction
  • 14 inches’ length of tube
  • Extra Ear Tips
  • Dual Frequency Stethoscope
  • Light-Weight Dual Frequency Stethoscope
  • Seamless PVC Tubing
  • Light-Weight

How to Use:

  • Position the diaphragm on the left upper part of the chest where the 4th to 6th ribs meet, almost directly under the breast.
  • Hold the stethoscope between your pointer and middle fingers and apply enough gentle pressure so that you don't hear your fingers rubbing together.
  • Listen to the heart for a full minute.

Product Specifications:

  • Brand: Rossmax
  • Exterior finish: Stainless Steel
  • Color: Black
  • Type: Dual-sided Chest Piece
  • Power Source: Hand powered
  • Includes: Two interchangeable bells and two sides of soft ear tips and an extra diaphragm.
  • Warranty: 2 years
  • Product Dimensions: ?13.5 x 11.5 x 18.5 cm;
  • Product Weight: 239 Grams
  • Item model number:? RXEB600
      Manufacturer/Importer/Marketed By
      Brand NameRossmax
      Brand OriginTaiwan
      Address of entityBH - 412A, Puri Business Hub 81 - High Street, Sector 81 Faridabad - 121002 Haryana, India
      India Helpline Number9811600264
      Country of OriginTaiwan

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