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Romsons Breazer 5000 Volumetric Respiratory Exerciser

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Breazer 5000 respiratory exerciser is specially designed to stimulate the deep inspiration while allowing with visual feedback to the patient.

Key Features : 

  • Assist patient requiring deep breathing exercises to perform.
  • Allows view progress towards improving inspiratory volume.
  • Encourages and enhances deep and prolonged inspiration and restores natural breathing rhythm.
  • Provides measurement of air flow and air volume of the breathing process.
  • Patented low resistance mouth piece with inbuilt filter.
  • Goal indicator to indicate achieved result.
  • Made of anti-shock material with built in handle.
  • Latex-free, individually packed in a box.

Box Consists Of: Transparent main body comprising of two chambers Connecting Tube Mouthpiece with inbuilt filter Product Volume Measurement: Upto 5000ml

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