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Right Angle Artery Forceps

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Right Angle Artery Forceps are used by surgeons in a variety of professions to grab tissues, move and constrict blood arteries, and execute blunt dissection to split delicate layers of tissue.

It's primary application is to give a non-traumatic method of controlling haemostasis in the surgical field.


  • Right-Angled Jaws to Reach Deep Surgical Sites
  • Boxlock System Promoting Smooth Joint Movements
  • Ergonomic Finger Rings Ensuring Optimal Handling
  • Fully-serrated working end profile for gripping and minimizing clamping injury
  • Ratchet to self-lock the jaws for applying different levels of pressure when clamping vessels and tissues
  • Premium grade Metal
  • Fine satin finish that reduces glare


Size6 & 8 Inch
Working End Details
Serrated Jaws
Working End Profile
Right Angled
Handle Type 
Ring Handle


Right Angle Artery Forceps FAQ

Q: What are Right Angle Artery Forceps?

A: Right Angle Artery Forceps are surgical instruments used by surgeons to grasp tissues, manipulate blood vessels, and perform blunt dissection during various surgical procedures. They are designed with a right-angled jaw configuration, allowing surgeons to access deep surgical sites with precision.

Q: What are the primary applications of Right Angle Artery Forceps?

A: The primary application of Right Angle Artery Forceps is to provide a non-traumatic method of controlling bleeding (hemostasis) in the surgical field. Surgeons can use these forceps to clamp blood vessels, manipulate delicate tissues, and perform dissection procedures.

Q: What are the key features of Right Angle Artery Forceps?

A: Right Angle Artery Forceps offer several key features to aid surgeons in their procedures. These features include:
Right-Angled Jaws: The right-angled design of the jaws allows for easy access to deep surgical sites and enables precise manipulation of tissues.
Boxlock System: The forceps are equipped with a boxlock system that ensures smooth joint movements and maintains alignment during use.
Ergonomic Finger Rings: The forceps are designed with ergonomic finger rings to provide optimal handling and control for surgeons.
Fully-Serrated Working End: The working end of the forceps has a fully-serrated profile, which enhances grip and minimizes the risk of slippage or injury during clamping.
Ratchet Mechanism: The forceps feature a ratchet mechanism that allows for self-locking of the jaws, enabling surgeons to apply different levels of pressure when clamping vessels and tissues.
Premium Grade Metal: The forceps are made from high-quality metal, ensuring durability and longevity.
Satin Finish: The forceps have a fine satin finish that reduces glare, providing better visibility during surgical procedures.

Q: What are the available sizes of Right Angle Artery Forceps?

A: Right Angle Artery Forceps are available in two sizes: 6 inches and 8 inches. Surgeons can choose the appropriate size based on the specific requirements of the surgical procedure.

Q: Are Right Angle Artery Forceps reusable?

A: Yes, Right Angle Artery Forceps are reusable instruments. They are made from premium-grade metal and can withstand sterilization processes such as autoclaving. However, it is essential to follow proper cleaning and sterilization protocols to maintain their functionality and ensure infection control.

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