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Relax Spin Tone Handheld Body Massager

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Relax & Spin tone handheld body massager is specially recommended for relaxation from fatigue, knots and body aches. Its the perfect tool to relax your muscles and de-stress mind to recharge body after your day's hectic schedule.

Key features :

All in One Massager : Perfect massaging solution for various joints and body parts like shoulder, underarms, hips, abs, knee, thighm feet calves etc

Universal : Massager is suitable for one and all except for pregnant women or people suffering from heart problems etc

Multiple use : Since massager is light weight and portable it makes it easier to take care of yourself irrespective of your location, home, office, car or travelling long distances. Its not just massager but your personal wellness partner.

Blood circulation : it gives your body much deserved blood circulation in today's sedentary lifestyle

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