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Punctum Dialator Surgical Punctum Dialator

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Used in Punctoplasty to dilate the Lacrimal Punctum for syringing and flushing. Designed with high quality polished tips to avoid trauma during entry to the punctum. Knurled handle supports improved grip which allows increased accuracy in dilation procedures. Well balanced and double ended to suit you procedural needs.

Punctum dilator Surgical Punctum Dilator FAQ

Q: What is a Punctum Dilator?

A: A Punctum Dilator is a surgical instrument used in a procedure called Punctoplasty. It is specifically designed to dilate the Lacrimal Punctum, which is a small opening in the eyelid that allows tears to drain into the tear ducts. The Punctum Dilator helps in expanding the opening for various purposes, such as syringing and flushing.

Q: What is the purpose of Punctoplasty?

A: Punctoplasty is a surgical procedure performed to correct the narrowing or blockage of the Lacrimal Punctum, which can cause excessive tearing or insufficient drainage of tears. By dilating the Punctum, the procedure aims to improve tear flow and alleviate associated symptoms.

Q: What are the features of a Punctum Dilator?

A: A Punctum Dilator is designed with high-quality polished tips to minimize trauma during the entry into the Punctum. The instrument typically has a knurled handle, which offers an improved grip for the surgeon, allowing for increased accuracy during dilation procedures. Additionally, it is double-ended, providing versatility to suit different procedural needs.

Q: How is a Punctum Dilator used?

A: During a Punctoplasty procedure, the surgeon carefully inserts the Punctum Dilator into the Lacrimal Punctum and gently expands the opening. This dilation allows for improved tear drainage and better functioning of the tear duct system. The procedure should be performed by a trained healthcare professional following appropriate guidelines and protocols.

Q: Is the Punctum Dilator reusable?

A: The reusability of a Punctum Dilator may vary depending on the specific instrument and manufacturer. Some Punctum Dilators are designed for single-use and are disposable, while others may be made of high-quality materials and intended for multiple uses. It is important to refer to the manufacturer's instructions and guidelines regarding reuse and proper sterilization procedures.

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