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Premium Digital Fingertip Pulseoximeter Made in India with 1 Year Warranty

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When spending on tools that help you assess your health, you should only trust the best, most honest products that are available in the market. Eevrycom Digital Fingertip Pulse Oximeter is your best bet at accuracy, affordability as well as the most advanced functionality. The upgraded version of this pulse Oximeter even helps you evaluate your sleep in a more efficient way. A complete 8 hours monitoring technology and add to that the most perfect perfusion index monitoring on the advanced display which responds to multiple gestures, and allows for the clearest possible reading! So what are you waiting for? Invest in your health with premium quality pulse oximeter

For the most noninvasive, simple pulse oximetry that helps you easily evaluate trends in oxygenation, sleep, and more as and when you require within a matter of seconds, everycom pulse oximeter is the sleekest, most easy-to-use, and affordable option. It has a high-quality OLED multicolor display, a built-in on or off sensor, and on top of that, it displays a reading within 4 seconds! The dual hue OLED display also has 3 display modes, which provide your SPO2, pulse rate, pulse index, SPO2 in a wave graph form, and also a battery status graphic in the corner. It can be bought for home use, hospitals and other medical institutions such as clinics, etc., and is recommended for frequent travelers as well as those who do trekking and hiking. It has a portable, seamless design and can be carried anywhere and however; you want to take it with you. 

Key Features:

Advanced OLED Dual Tone Display: This Pulse Oximeter device has an OLED multicolor display with 3 switchable modes, readable in four different directions. It can correctly identify different gestures and helps you accurately check all your readings with a minimalistic yet aesthetically pleasing user interface. It displays five items on the screen: your SPO2 reading, SPO2 in a waveform, pulse index, pulse rate, as well as a battery indicator.

Trustworthy Readings with High Accuracy: This device only allows for the most minimal deviations in all your readings - approximately 2 percent in the concentration of your blood and 2 BPM in your pulse rate.

One Year Warranty: A warranty of a year is promised for this device against any manufacturing defect.

4 Second Reading Time: Pulse Oximeter displays the readings within the shortest time of 4 seconds… Simply insert your finger and count upto 4 and you are done! 

Portable Structure: This device is super contact and very easy to carry. Take it on the go! It's the best for everyone, no matter who you are - a family man, a travelling enthusiast or a physician!

Alarm System: You can configure alarms in this Pulse Oximeter as per your assessment schedule.

Minimal and Easy User Interface: The design of the display as well as the gesture recognition allows for the easiest, most smooth-sailing usage of this Pulse Oximeter

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