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Pregnancy Memory Foam Wedge Pillow for Maternity -Belly Back Knee Leg Support

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Make your pregnancy a whole lot more comfortable!

While nothing else makes an expecting mother any happier, being pregnant brings with itself its fair share of hassles like fatigue and pain. While ample rest is important it is necessary that a correct posture of rest is maintained for the sake of the developing foetus. White Willow Pregnancy Memory Foam Wedge Pillow allows you to rest and sleep in a comfortable yet safe way. It is designed specifically to cater to your maternity rest needs helps relieve extra pressure on your womb.

Product Description:

White Willow Pregnancy Memory Foam Wedge Pillow is built as per orthopaedic norms and ensures safe and gentle support to your belly as you sleep. It prevents you from rolling over and subdues pain due to pregnancy by relieving pressure on your womb.

Its memory technology helps mould itself to your body contour providing proper comfort. Proper belly support helps reduces discomfort around the lower back, hips and pelvis. Sleeping with White Willow Pregnancy Memory Foam Wedge Pillow also prevents oedema of your limbs.

Key Features:

  • Specialized contour design:White Willow Pregnancy Memory Foam Wedge Pillow is designed as per proper orthopaedic regulations to ensure safe and healthy sleeping posture providing you painless nights and restful sleep. It supports your belly as you sleep on your side increasing blood circulation to the placenta.
  • Memory technology: Innovative open-cell memory foamretains its shape which makes it provide lasting support. It specifically adjusts itself to your body shape ensuring custom comfort.
  • High quality build: White Willow contour memory foam knee pillow is built using Original Viscoelastic Memory foam of high density making it durable which prevents it from losing its shape over time.
  • Suitable for sleeping as well as resting: White Willow Pregnancy Memory Foam Wedge Pillow can be used by pregnant women while sleeping as well as sitting or resting. It can be placed behind your back to provide extra support and make sitting more comfortable or placed under your knees to relieve knee pain.
  • User-friendly Nature: The material is skin-friendly and hypoallergenic and it does not heat up too much over extended periods of use.

  • Contour wedge design provides optimal support & cushioning to the body.
  • High-quality responsive memory foam of pregnancy pillow takes the shape of the respective body part and provides comfort to back, knee and abdomen
  • Pregnancy pillow provides proper belly support and in turn helps reducing swelling in hands, feet or back pain or muscle spasm due to growing bump.
  • Multiple uses of pregnancy pillow for back, under knees, underbelly bump makes it an ideal companion for expecting mothers.
  • C shaped pregnancy wedge has a compact design which makes it very easy to travel.
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