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Reusable Portable Video Laryngoscope with 3 Blades

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The Portable Video Laryngoscope is a versatile tool for intubation with a 3" rotatable LCD, real-time recording, low voltage alarm, and five blade options.


  • Overall Dimension : 70.2mm x 51.7mm x 2.6mm
  • Operating Temperature : -5~ +60 degree celsius
  • Relative environment humidity : 10~95% RH
  • Storage Temperature : -45~+50 degree celsius
  • 3" LCD can rotated back & forth 120 degree
  • Support AVOUT 
  • NTSC - 720 x 480  PAL - 720 x 560 Support NTSC - 720 x 480 PAL - 720 x 560
  • Loop Video; Automatic deletes the old file, records the new file
  • Seamless Video with the ability for real second the new file.
  • When turned off there is no electric current 
  • Lithium battery - 3.7V
  • File stacking time record 
  • Low Voltage Alarm (Battery power display above 3.9V shows full power, 3.9V - 3.8V shows two bars, 3.8V - 3.7V show 1 bar, 3.7V - 3.5V show no bars, less 3.5V will auto power - off)
  • 3 Standard Blades and 2 Optionals


  • Rotatable LCD Display: The 3" LCD screen can be rotated 120 degrees for flexible viewing.
  • High-Quality Video: Supports both NTSC and PAL video formats, providing clear video quality.
  • Loop Video Recording: Automatically overwrites old files with new ones, ensuring continuous recording.
  • Seamless Recording: Allows for real-time switching to new video files without interruptions.
  • Low Voltage Alarm: Notifies users when the battery is running low to prevent unexpected shutdowns.

Frequently Asked Question:

Q: What is the purpose of the Portable Video Laryngoscope?

A: It is used for visualizing the vocal cords and guiding the endotracheal tube during intubation procedures.

Q:Can I rotate the LCD screen?

A: Yes, the 3" LCD can be rotated 120 degrees for better viewing.

Q: How does the low voltage alarm work?

A: The alarm indicates the battery level: above 3.9V (full power), 3.9V - 3.8V (two bars), 3.8V - 3.7V (one bar), below 3.7V (auto power-off).

Q: Is there a storage limit for video recording?

A: The device records in a loop, automatically deleting old files to make space for new ones.

Q: What blade options are available with this laryngoscope?

A: It comes with 3 standard blades and offers 2 optional blade choices for intubation procedures.

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