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Aktive Life Pill Planner - 7 sided

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Aktive Life Pill Planner 7 sided Weekly Pill Planner seven day pill Planner is a weekly / seven day pill reminder. It is perfect companion for scheduling Your Week's Medication. Its seven sided Design and Transparent Lids Help Prevent Missed Doses and Allow for Easy Transportation and Discrete Storage. 

Key Benefits:

  • COMPACT DESIGN - Compact design makes this pocket sized planner perfect for travel
  • LARGE CAPACITY - Each compartment holds up to 10 aspirin sized tablets
  • BOLD LABELING - Each compartment is clearly labeled for each day of the week
  • CLEAR LIDS - Pill planner has clear lids and body for maximum visibility to help prevent missed doses
  • BUILT TO LAST - Dose planners have a high quality design that is made for repeated use.
  • 7-Sided Weekly Pill Planner
  • Seven day pill Planner¬†
  • Perfect for scheduling Your Week's Medication
  • Seven sided Design
  • Transparent Lids
  • Prevent Missed Doses
  • Easy Transportation
  • Discrete Storage
  • Clear Labels
  • Easy to use
  • One push button
  • Smart designing
  • Quality assurance

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