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Ultrasonic with TENS 2 channel combo for promoting recovery and reducing pain - Medansh

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Going through a lot of pain post-injury?

Hoping for a painless recovery?

This is what Medansh ultrasonic TENS machine is here for! This combo of Ultrasonic and TENS machine is extremely helpful for pain management and ideal for physiotherapy.

Product Description:

Medansh ULTRASONIC with DUAL CHANNEL TENS combination provides the utilities of electrotherapy through TENS machine as well as heat therapy through Ultrasonic, making it effective for pain management. It blocks out pain through electrical pulses that also act as muscle stimulators.It efficiently helps your nervous system to block out pain in the cerebral lobes, thereby making your therapy sessions a lot better. Arthritis, a few cerebral issues, knee pain, back pain or even labour pain, this machine can dull it all.

Key Benefits:

  • Multi-purpose and multi-tasking: This machine is a combo of a TENS and Ultrasonic device. It can be used both for electrotherapy and heat therapy. This machine can be used for two different patients simultaneously as long as one requires electrotherapy and the other requires heat therapy. Now you can block out pain and strengthen your muscles simultaneously.
  • Pain management made easy: The machine sends electric pulses through the nervous system to the cerebral part of the brain which deals with pain recognition and successfully blocks out pain, making physiotherapy sessions a lot more convenient and comfortable.
  • Convenient for home sessions: Physiotherapy sessions at home becomes a lot more convenient as the machine is compact, portable and easy to set up. Experience Electrotherapy and heat therapy at the comfort of your home now.
  • Easy to use: The machine can be easily set up as it's compact. It is also very easy to use as the intensity of the TENS machine can be checked easily by looking at the LED display.


  • The skin should be properly prepared before putting electrodes for TENS unit. Ultrasound gel MUST ALWAYS be used while using the Ultrasonic unit.
  • ALWAYS start from zero intensity and slowly increase based on physiotherapy clinic protocol or as recommended by your physiotherapist. Slow and steady is always good.
  • Physiotherapy modality treatments bring the best outcomes only if these are used along with active physical exercise or manual manipulation program.

Technical Specifications:


  • Input Voltage: 220V AC/50Hz
  • Ultrasound Frequency: 1 MHz
  • Ultrasonic density: 3.5 watt / cm2;
  • Treatment Time: 0 to 99 minutes
  • Mode of operation : Continuous / Pulsed

TENS Machine:

  • Frequency: 2Hz to 250Hz
  • Intensity: Adjustable in both channels
  • Output: 2 Independent Channels

Package Contents:

  • Ultrasonic Head Applicator - 01
  • TENS Machine Leads - 02
  • TENS Machine Electrodes - 04
  • Velcro Set - 01
  • Power Cord - 01
  • Gel bottle - 01
  • Compact & easily transportable
  • Good for home visits as well as domestic use
  • Digital display
  • LED display of TENS intensity
Country of Origin
Brand NameMedansh
Brand OriginIndia
Address of entityMeddey Technologies Pvt Ltd, D-1, 116, Aashirwad Complex, Green Park, New Delhi - 110016
Country of OriginIndia

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