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Peg boards are known to bring about hand-eye coordination amongst people who suffer from diseases which affect their motor nerve functioning. These are often used amongst toddlers to bring about perfect hand and eye coordination. Since this product is used for toddlers, it is designed in such a way that it is lightweight, attractive, and also safe for children.  

Product Description

The Medansh Peg Board is an effective tool to help people who are suffering from deteriorating motor function skills as well as children in developmental stages. Placing the pegs in their respective holes while also matching it with a specific color, is a challenging but engaging way to ensure hand-eye coordination. 

Key Features

Attractive Layout- The peg board has simple but attractive layout, with pegs of four colors- red, blue, green and yellow, making it appealing to kids and adults alike

Child Friendly- The pieces of the peg board are made in a size that  prevents kids from being able to swallow them, thus ensuring a great deal of safety to parents who will be buying this product

Light-weight- The Peg Board is light and hence easily portable. Being lightweight also helps people with neurological issues, or people suffering from a stroke to be able to lift the pegs without much difficulty, making the entire process hassle free. 

Cheap- Peg Boards are cheap and efficient ways to ensure improving hand-eye coordination. They also do not need a medical prescription and are readily available in stores and can be used by anyone.  

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