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Pedriatic Phototherapy Machine Double surfaced, For Hospital

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The Pediatric Phototherapy Machine with Double Surfaces is a specialized medical equipment designed for hospital use. Crafted from durable mild steel, this rectangular-shaped machine is tailored for pediatric applications. Offering effective and precise phototherapy, it serves as a crucial tool in the care of infants and young children.

  • Usage: Hospital
  • Material: Mild Steel
  • Product Type: Pediatric
  • Shape: Rectangular
  • Surface: Double
Key Features:
  • Hospital-grade: Specifically designed for hospital use to cater to pediatric phototherapy needs.
  • Durable Construction: Crafted from mild steel, ensuring robustness and longevity.
  • Double Surface: Equipped with double surfaces for enhanced treatment coverage and efficiency.
  • Tailored for Pediatrics: Customized to meet the specific requirements of pediatric patients.
  • Effective Phototherapy: Provides efficient and precise phototherapy for optimal treatment outcomes.
Frequently Asked Question:
Q: What is the purpose of a pediatric phototherapy machine with double surfaces?
A: The machine is designed to provide effective phototherapy treatment for pediatric patients in hospitals, aiding in conditions such as jaundice.
Q: How does the double surface feature benefit pediatric phototherapy?
A: The double surface ensures a broader coverage area, allowing simultaneous treatment of a larger portion of the infant's body.
Q: Is the mild steel construction safe for pediatric use?
A: Yes, mild steel provides a sturdy and safe framework for the machine, ensuring durability and stability during treatment sessions.
Q: Can this machine be adjusted for varying intensities of phototherapy?
A: Depending on the model, pediatric phototherapy machines often come with adjustable settings to cater to different intensities required for treatment.
Q: Are there additional safety features for pediatric patients?
A: Pediatric phototherapy machines typically include safety measures such as temperature control and protective shields to ensure the well-being of infants during treatment.
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