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Omron Ultrasonic Nebulizer NE-U780

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The Omron Ultrasonic Nebulizer NE-U780 is an advanced medical device designed for hospital applications. It offers efficient aerosol therapy to help patients with respiratory conditions. With a weight of 2.5 kg and compact dimensions (295mm x 219mm x 196mm), it provides excellent portability and storage convenience. Powered by Omron's trusted technology, this nebulizer ensures accurate and consistent delivery of aerosol medication, making it a valuable asset in the healthcare setting.

  • Application :- Hospital
  • Weight (kg) :- 2.5 kg
  • Frequency :-  50/60 Hz
  • Voltage :- 220 - 240V
  • Brand :- Omron
  • Power Consumption :- 85 VA
  • Ultrasonic Frequency :- 1.63 MHz
  • Cooling Water Flow :- 450 ml
  • Dimensions :- 295 mm x 219 mm x 196 mm (W x H x D)
Key Features:
  • Hospital-Grade: Designed specifically for hospital use, ensuring reliability and safety.
  • Portability: Weighing just 2.5 kg, it's easy to transport and maneuver.
  • Precision: The ultrasonic frequency of 1.63 MHz guarantees accurate aerosol therapy.
  • Efficiency: The cooling water flow of 450 ml ensures consistent performance.
  • Omron Quality: Backed by the trusted Omron brand known for medical devices.
Using an Autoclave:
  • Refer to the sterilizer’s instruction manual and precautionary information.
  • Parts should be placed in the autoclave for 15 minutes at a temperature of 121 °C
  • When sterilizing in an autoclave, exercise care so that no parts come into contact with metal parts that are in
  • contact with the sterilizer heater or heater. Because the heater becomes hot, any parts that come into contact with it may melt or become misshapen.
  • Some parts may become slightly discoloured over time, but this does not indicate a problem with their material properties.

Disinfection Chart:
  • Parts can be disinfected using the methods listed in the chart below. For more information about disinfecting the main unit, see “Disinfecting the main unit”. For more information about the disinfection process, see the disinfectant’s instructions and precautions.
  • Note: Materials are indicated by the following abbreviations
  • Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene resin: ABS, Poly phenylene sulfide resin: PPS, Polyethylene resin: PE,
  • Polycarbonate resin: PC, Polymethylpentene: PMP, Polypropylene resin: PP, Polystyrene resin: PS,
  • Polyvinyl chloride resin: PVC, Thermoplastic elastomer: TPE

Frequently Asked Questions:
Q. Is the Omron NE-U780 suitable for home use?
A: No, it's designed for hospital applications and may not be suitable for home use.

Q. Can this nebulizer work with different voltages?
A: It's designed for use with a voltage range of 220-240V at a frequency of 50/60 Hz.

Q. How do I clean and maintain the nebulizer for optimal performance?
A: Follow the manufacturer's cleaning and maintenance instructions provided in the user manual.

Q. Can this nebulizer be used for pediatric patients?
A: It's primarily designed for adult patients in a hospital setting.

Q. Is the nebulizer noise level within acceptable limits for a hospital environment?
A: Yes, it operates quietly with a noise level suitable for clinical settings.

Manufacturer/Importer/Marketed By
Brand NameOmron
Address of entity6th Floor,B-Block,Sewa Tower, Plot no .19,Sector -18, Udyog Vihar,Maruti Industrial complex, Gurugram, Haryana 122008
India Helpline Number8586 012345
Country of OriginVietnam

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