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Omron HBF 222T Complete Digital Body Composition Monitor With Bluetooth

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Digital weighing scale is designed to partner you in your diet and exercise regime. It gives you an insight into factors like BMI, skeletal mass, visceral fat, and subcutaneous fat percentage. Powered with bluetooth connectivity, this data can be transferred directly on to your smartphone device with the help of the Omron Connect Application. Subsequently, you can easily feed this data onto a weight/diet management platform to incentivize your regime.


  • Bluetooth Connectivity: This devices allow you to track your weight via OMRON connect by wirelessly syncing to your smartphone
  • Easy tracking on Omron connect App: Sync your BP readings to your smart phone device and easily manage your heart health by sharing the data with family and physicians.
  • 4 User Profiles: This BCM allows weight tracking and full body composition analysis for upto 4 users.
  • Body Age: Calculate how old is your body biologically based on your health as well as fitness level.
  • BMI: Get an insight of ideal body fat level based on your weight and height
  • RM (Resting Metabolism): Get an insight into the rate at which your body burns energy while it is in a resting state.
  • Skeletal muscle % classification: This device give an insight into the skeletal muscle distribution across the body
  • Visceral fat level: Get an insight into the fat embedded deep around your abdominal organs.
  • Visceral fat analysis: With this body fat analyzer, you can read the rating of visceral fat in your body.
  • Body Weight: Measure your body weight accurately to incentivize your weight management program.
  • Body Fat %: Body fat % can be classified as the amount of fat distributed in your body with proportion to your weight
  • Body fat % classification: The device give an insight into body fat % so that you can work effectively on losing it through diet and exercise.
  • Skeletal muscle %: Skeletal muscle is the type of muscle that we can see and feel. This device give an insight into the skeletal muscle distribution across the body
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