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Omron Digital Ear Thermometer TH 839S

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Fever has troubled us for centuries and sadly, it won’t go away from our lives anytime soon. While mild fever poses no threat, high fever requires proper documentation and monitoring. It is often cumbersome to monitor proper rise and fall in temperature with the conventional thermometers put in the armpit. Sometimes , recording can get erroneous because of slippage and poor contact. The Omron Digital Ear Thermometer is the perfect antidote to eradicate all those problems. It is an easy and quick way to measure the temperature of a person without much effort. The fact that it is digital, makes the recording precise.

Product Description:

The thermometer is convenient to use, thanks to its ergonomic built. This structure makes it very easy to use. Besides it has great accuracy with a deviation of only +/- 0.2-degree centigrade within 35.5-degree centigrade - 42.2 degrees centigrade. A deviation of 0.3-degree centigrade is recorded for any other range. It has test battery, probe cap, probe covers, connection ring and instruction manual. The power consumption is 0.01W. It has other features like easy cleaning, fever alarm etc.

Key Features:

  • Selectable Scale of Temperature: The temperature scale of the thermometer can be swapped in between centigrade and fahrenheit scale. This feature helps a person to properly document the results of temperature rise during the day.
  • Quick Measurement: The thermometer can very quickly detect any rise in temperature and present itself with a recording befitting the condition of the body. The product beeps with a fever alarm when it detects so.
  • Easy Use: The ergonomic design of the thermometer helps in easy handling. It can be easily cleaned as well. Besides the digital screen reports the exact measurement.
  • Slectable °C / °F mode
  • Fever Alarm with Beeper
  • Water-Resistant for Easy Cleaning
  • Second Quick Measurement
  • Ergonomic Design for Easy Handling
  • Power Consumption - 0.0 1W

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