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Omron HEM-7361T Bluetooth BP with AFIB Detection

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If you are suffering from high blood pressure, it is necessary to keep a regular check on your health conditions. A blood pressure monitor reduces the chances of strokes.  

It keeps a constant check on your body and pressure levels. So, don’t let the fear of sudden heart-ailments bother you and re-live life with automatic blood pressure measuring equipment. It comes with Bluetooth support, smart monitoring tool, and a lot of amazing features.

Product Description:

Omron automatic blood pressure machine is a piece of essential equipment for regulating blood levels. The product HEM-7361T comes with a dual solution of detecting blood pressure and AFIB simultaneously. 

It is a reliable tool for regulating the risk of strokes under stressful situations. With the ergonomic design and Blue Tooth-enabled device, it comes in handy for people to get instant results. 

At the same time, it helps patients to check their results on smartphones due to its dual user facility. So, grab and grab this equipment to stay fit!

Key Features:

Keeps a Check on Blood Pressure Levels: The machine is a reliable solution for high-pressure patients to their safety at priority. 

Smart Monitoring Tool: The equipment helps in keeping a check of human health through Blue Tooth-enabled technology. 

Doctor’s Recommended Device: It is the first choice of the most renowned physicians in town. 

Reduces Chances of Strokes: Regular monitoring lowers the probability of heart-attack or related ailments due to high blood pressure. AFIB Detection feature alerts the user when it detects abnormalities in the heart rhythm and instantly inform about possibility of atrial fibrillation and thus helping the prevention of stroke.

Keeps You Stress-free: Frequent checks help you stay relaxed regarding the health conditions. 

Comes with Dual Check Support: It provides a dual check facility for dual users to allow comprehensive monitoring in a single time. 

Frequently Asked Question:

Q: What is the purpose of the Omron HEM-7361T blood pressure monitor?

A: The Omron HEM-7361T is a blood pressure monitor designed to help individuals with high blood pressure keep track of their health conditions. It provides accurate and reliable measurements of blood pressure levels, allowing users to monitor and manage their blood pressure effectively.

Q: What are the key features of the Omron HEM-7361T?

A: The key features of the Omron HEM-7361T blood pressure monitor include:
Dual solution: It detects blood pressure and AFIB (atrial fibrillation) simultaneously, providing comprehensive health monitoring.
Smart monitoring tool: The device is Bluetooth-enabled, allowing users to easily connect and sync their blood pressure data with their smartphones for convenient tracking and analysis.
Recommended by doctors: The Omron HEM-7361T is a preferred choice of many physicians due to its accuracy and reliability.
Stroke prevention: Regular monitoring of blood pressure helps reduce the risk of strokes and related health conditions. The AFIB detection feature alerts users to possible irregularities in heart rhythm, aiding in the prevention of stroke.
Stress reduction: By keeping a regular check on blood pressure levels, the Omron HEM-7361T helps users stay informed and relaxed about their health conditions.
Dual check support: The monitor provides a dual check facility, allowing two users to monitor their blood pressure in a single device, making it convenient for households with multiple users.

Q: How does the AFIB detection feature work?

A: The AFIB detection feature in the Omron HEM-7361T monitors the user's heart rhythm for abnormalities associated with atrial fibrillation. If irregularities are detected, the monitor will alert the user, providing valuable information about possible atrial fibrillation and helping in the prevention of stroke.

Q: Is the Omron HEM-7361T suitable for home use?

A: Yes, the Omron HEM-7361T is designed for home use. It is user-friendly, allowing individuals to easily measure and track their blood pressure levels in the comfort of their own homes.

Q: Does the Omron HEM-7361T come with a warranty?

A: Yes, the Omron HEM-7361T blood pressure monitor comes with a 3-year warranty, ensuring peace of mind and support for the users.

Q: Can I connect the Omron HEM-7361T to my smartphone?

A: Yes, the Omron HEM-7361T is Bluetooth-enabled, allowing you to connect it to your smartphone. This enables you to conveniently store and analyze your blood pressure data using compatible mobile applications.

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