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NULIFE Non Sterile Powdered Latex Medical Examination Gloves

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Medical examination gloves are disposable gloves used to avoid cross-contamination between caregivers and patients during medical examinations and procedures.

Medical Examination of Nulife Latex Powdered gloves with a wrinkle-free fit for comfort. Finger fatigue is reduced and efficiency is increased because of the incredibly soft rubber. For its strict requirements, it is the safest handwear for surgeons.

Directions for use:
 Use as per the standard procedure. For medical healthcare professionals only.

Safety Information: 
Keep it out of direct sunlight and in a cool, dry place. Before using, read the user manual thoroughly. Keep out of children's reach.

Product Information
Material:      Natural Rubber Latex
Colour:             Pale Yellow in colour, with colour variations owing to storage                             duration and conditions.
Design:     Straight Fingers, Thumb and Fingers in One Plane,
                            Ambidextrous (fits either hand) Rolled Rim
Sterilization:    Non Sterile.

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