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Neckfit Sorporesa Customised Pillow Ergonomically Designed Specially for Ones used to Sleep with Pillow

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How often have you been troubled by a sore back or shoulder for wrong sleeping postures last night? In recent times, almost everyone faces neck, lower back, shoulder pain due to their wrong posture and gait. The seemingly difficult pathology can now be easily solved by the NeckFit Sorpresa Customised Pillow. The ergonomic design and the custom fit of the pillow allow all kinds of patients to get the most out of it. All those with a deeper neck curve found it immensely difficult to sleep without proper support. With this pillow, anyone and everyone can aim for optimum comfort and support and get the correct alignment of the neck and back.

The Neckfit Sorpresa Customised Pillow is an ergonomically designed pillow that has the unique property of custom fit. The pillow can be used by everyone having problems in their sleep posture as it perfectly cushions itself along with the curves of the neck and the back. This design gives comfort to the pressure points of the neck and the back. The neck, shoulder, lower back, and back pain can be catered to by this product. Besides, the product is stitched in the middle, parallel to its length and width, which meets in the center. This produces an indentation called the “ occipital rest” which keeps all the occipital pit of the head well preserved and cradles the neck curvature by the inflated part adjacent to the indentation. This keeps the head at a certain height adding to the comfort of the pillow.

Key Features:

Fits you perfectly: The ergonomic design of this pillow comes with a custom fit that allows the pillow to get perfectly aligned by the shape of each person’s head. 

Relief from soreness: The pillow, its softness, fabric, and fit make the whole experience beneficial for each and everyone using it. The back, lower back, shoulder pain diminishes by the comfort it provides. 

Zero thickness intersection point: The pillow has an intersection point of two stitches running parallel to the length and width of the pillow. This indentation creates a space for the head to be in and protects it from any soreness and gives it the much-needed comfort. 

Be mindful of your sleep posture: The sleep hygiene which we had neglected for so long can be maintained for this special pillow. 

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