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Neckfit Plus Customised Pillow Ergonomically Designed Specially for Ones used to Sleep without Pillow

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Neckfit Plus Customised Pillow Specially Designed for People with habit of sleeping without pillow:

Problems like neck pain, lordosis, cervical spondylosis making life difficult, or it’s just a general problem in the sleeping posture? Time to lay your head on Neckfit Plus Customised Pillow. This ergonomically designed, innovative pillow is one of the most comfortable products which help in identifying and complementing deeper neck curves and augmenting the comfort of the sleep by several notches. The four sectioned design of this creates a zero thickness point in the center allowing the head to rest properly. 

Product Description:

The NeckFit Plus Customised Pillow provides a range of comfortable pillows that are tailor-made for fitting almost everyone. The custom fit of the pillow is based on the shoulder broadness and the neck length of individuals used to create these sets of pillows. Choosing a wrong pillow can aggravate problems like spondylosis, or lordosis, and hence this pillow is innovatively designed to fit everyone and increase their overall sleeping pattern. The stitches which run through the middle intersect in the center allowing the occipital pit to rest on this indentation. The slight bulge around this pit supports the neck lordotic curve correctly maximizing comfort. As the pillow swiftly changes its contour and shape according to the person's posture, one doesn't need to change sides, or adjust the pillow while sleeping, which in turn enables a good night's sleep. 

Key Features: 

Comfortable to use: The pillow is designed in a manner that takes its shape depending on the individual contour of the patients and that increases the comfort to a great extent. 

Four sectioned pillow: The ergonomic design of the pillow includes the four sectioned feature of it which produces a no thickness indentation in the center. It helps in the adjustment of the head with respect to the pillow as it allows the occipital pit to sink a bit deep inside the indentation it produces. 

To each their own: Taking reference from the shoulder broadness and neck length of patients, there are custom pillows available suitable for each individual customer. 

Posture maintenance: The pillow cradles the natural neck length of the patient and gives optimum comfort as it supports the lordotic curve of the neck using its bulges. 

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