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Pest Control Anti Mosquito Killer Lamp for Home, Office, Hospital and Clinic

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Mosquito trap killer machine features 365nm bionic purple light wave trapping technology. Mosquitoes have zero resistance and is a pure physical way to kill mosquitoes efficiently. Now kill bug, mosquito, fly, moth and other flying insects within 20 square meters, that can use in home, kitchen, hospital, warehouse, patio, garden, backyards, porch, deck efficiently with this portable device.

Key Features:

USB Connector : This is an electric mosquito killer lamp powered by a USB cable.

Energy Saving : LED energy saving, the use of LED lamps, long service life, low power consumption

No Noise : No noise, the use of fan suction principle, mosquito noise process without electric shock.

Easy to use : Just plug in the plug, press the button ,it is a bug mosquito trap, the mosquito killer can work without noise! 

Wide Application : Can be used in Home Hospital Kitchen Warehouse etc.

Easy Cleaning : It Has a removable tray for easy cleaning

Night light function: LED lighting, soft, glare-free, night light function.

Weight : 100 g

Dimensions  : LxWxH : 40 x 50 x 30mm

Country of Origin
Brand NameGeneric
Brand OriginIndia
Country of OriginPRC

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