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Mosquito Artery Forceps Curved

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Mosquito Artery Forceps, a ratcheted hemostat for securing and clamping bleeding vessels. It is used to grab delicate tissues as well.

The Mosquito Artery Forceps has a number of surgical advantages. Its primary function is to give an a traumatic method of clamping blood vessels, holding needles, and grasping tissues.


The device has a pair of tapered jaws that allow access to a range of surgical locations for various objectives. Furthermore, cross serrations on the inner surfaces of the jaws aid in maintaining a firm grasp. Additionally, the elongated shafts allow access to a wide range of surgical locations.

Also, the Mosquito Artery Forceps include a set of finger rings that are ergonomically built. As a result, the operator has complete control and avoids unintentional sliding.




    • Serrations on the inside for a better grip
    • Jaws with a lateral curve for easier surgical access.
    • Self-Retaining Clamping Ratchet System



     Product             Mosquito Artery Forceps Curved
     Working End Details Cross Serrated
     Working End Profile Curved To Side
     Handle Type Ring
     Overall Length    6 inch
     Finish Satin
     Material  Metal
     Reusable Yes

    Mosquito Artery Forceps Curved FAQ

    Q: What is the primary function of Mosquito Artery Forceps?

    A: Mosquito Artery Forceps are ratcheted hemostatic instruments used in surgical procedures to secure and clamp bleeding vessels. They are also designed for delicate tissue handling.

    Q: What are the surgical advantages of Mosquito Artery Forceps?

    A: Mosquito Artery Forceps offer several surgical advantages. They provide atraumatic clamping of blood vessels, secure needle holding, and precise tissue grasping. Their tapered jaws and curved profile allow for easy access to surgical sites, and the cross serrations on the inner surfaces provide a firm grip.

    Q: What are the features of Mosquito Artery Forceps?

    A: Mosquito Artery Forceps have serrations on the inside of the jaws, which enhance grip and control. The jaws also have a lateral curve, facilitating easier access during surgical procedures. The forceps are equipped with a self-retaining clamping ratchet system. Additionally, they have ergonomically designed finger rings for improved control and to prevent unintentional sliding.

    Q: What is the size of Mosquito Artery Forceps?

    A: Mosquito Artery Forceps are available in two sizes: 6 inch and 8 inch. These sizes refer to the overall length of the forceps.

    Q: What is the working end profile of Mosquito Artery Forceps?

    A: Mosquito Artery Forceps have a curved working end profile, which allows them to be easily maneuvered to the side during surgical procedures.

    Q: What is the finish and material of Mosquito Artery Forceps?

    A: Mosquito Artery Forceps have a satin finish, providing a smooth and corrosion-resistant surface. They are made of metal, typically stainless steel, which is known for its durability and suitability for medical instruments.

    Q: Are Mosquito Artery Forceps reusable?

    A: Yes, Mosquito Artery Forceps are reusable. However, proper cleaning and sterilization following the recommended protocols are necessary after each use to ensure their safety and effectiveness for subsequent procedures.

    Q: Does Mosquito Artery Forceps have CE marking?

    A: Yes, Mosquito Artery Forceps are CE marked. The CE marking indicates that the product meets the requirements of European health, safety, and environmental protection standards.

    Q: Can Mosquito Artery Forceps be used in various surgical settings?

    A: Yes, Mosquito Artery Forceps are versatile instruments and can be used in various surgical settings. They are commonly used in general surgery, vascular surgery, and other procedures where precise vessel clamping and tissue manipulation are required.

    Q: How should I care for and maintain Mosquito Artery Forceps?

    A: To ensure the longevity and performance of Mosquito Artery Forceps, it is important to clean them thoroughly after each use and follow the recommended sterilization procedures. Proper storage in a clean and dry environment is also essential to prevent damage or contamination. Regular inspection for any signs of wear or damage is recommended, and any defective forceps should be replaced.

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