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Mobile Examination Surgical Light 76 LEDs, 125K Lux HEX M4

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Introducing the HEX M4 Mobile Examination Surgical Light, equipped with 76 powerful LEDs that deliver an impressive 125,000 Lux of illumination. This surgical light is designed to meet the exacting needs of healthcare professionals, ensuring optimal lighting during medical

  • Lux Power Intensity:  1,25,000
  • Color Rendering Index:  95
  • No. of LED:  76
  • Size of Light Field:  12-30cm
  • Color Temp:  4000-5000k
  • Dimming:  10%--100%
  • LED Average Life:  >50000 Hrs
  • Power Supply:  220/50hz
  • Focusing:  Adjustable focus by handle    
Key Features:
  • Powerful Illumination: The 76 LEDs provide exceptional brightness, ensuring accurate and detailed examinations.
  • High Color Rendering Index: With a CRI of 95, it replicates natural daylight, making it easier to identify tissue and abnormalities.
  • Dimmable Intensity: The dimming feature allows for precise control of the lighting, making it suitable for a variety of medical procedures.
  • Long-lasting Performance: The LEDs have an average lifespan of over 50,000 hours, minimizing maintenance and replacement costs.
  • Adjustable Focus: The handle allows for easy adjustment of the light field, accommodating different examination needs.

Frequently Asked Question:
Q. Is the Lux Power Intensity of 125,000 sufficient for surgical procedures?
A: Yes, the Lux Power Intensity of 125,000 Lux is suitable for various surgical and medical examinations, providing ample illumination for accurate procedures.
Q. Can the color temperature be adjusted to match natural daylight?
A: The color temperature can be adjusted between 4000K to 5000K, closely simulating natural daylight for precise examinations.
Q. How often do the LEDs need to be replaced?
A: With an average LED life of over 50,000 hours, the need for replacements is significantly reduced, ensuring long-lasting performance.
Q. Does it work on standard power supply voltage?
A: Yes, the HEX M4 operates on a standard 220V/50Hz power supply, making it compatible with most medical settings.
Q. Is it suitable for dimming the light for less invasive procedures?
A: Yes, the dimming capability ranging from 10% to 100% allows for flexibility in lighting intensity, making it ideal for various medical procedu
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