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Microsurgery Glaucoma Kit Set

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The Microsurgery Glaucoma Kit Set is a comprehensive assortment of precision instruments designed for microsurgical procedures related to glaucoma treatment. This set includes a variety of specialized tools crafted to ensure accuracy and efficiency in delicate eye surgeries.

Microsurgery Glaucoma Set Containing Following Items:
1. Liberman Eye Specullum - 1 Pc.
2. Castroviejo Caliper 20mm (K) - 1 Pc.
3. Kelly Glaucoma Punch - 1 Pc
4. Bimanula I/A Set - 1 Pc
5. Irrigation Vectis (K) - 1 Pc
6. Simco Cannula With Silicon Tube - 1 Pc.
7. Air Cannulas - 3 Pcs
8. Sinskey I.O.L Hook (K) - 1 Pc.
9. Chopper (K) - 1 Pc.
10. Dressing Forceps Plain - 1 Pc.
11. Dressing Forceps 1x2 - 1 Pc.
12. Y Pusher - 1 Pc.,
13. Smith Lens Expressor Hook (K) - 1 Pc.
14. Colibri Forceps - 1 Pc.
15. Lims Forceps - 1 Pc
16. Suture Tying Forceps Straight - 1 Pc.
17. Capsularexis Forceps - 1 Pc.
18. Kelman Eye Forceps Ang - 1 Pc.
19. Superior Rectus Forceps - 1 Pc.
20. Corneal Forceps 1x2 - 1 Pc
21. Iris Repositor Fine Micro (K) - 1 Pc
22. Micro Corneal Needle Holder - 1 Pc.
23. Vannas Spring Scissors (K) Straight - 1 Pc.
24. Corneal Scissor (K) - 1 Pc.
25. Suture Tying Forceps - 1 Pc.

  • Total Pieces: 25
  • Materials: Stainless Steel (K denotes instruments with a tungsten carbide insert)
  • Instrument Types: Eye Speculum, Caliper, Glaucoma Punch, I/A Set, Irrigation Vectis, Simco Cannula, Air Cannulas, I.O.L Hook, Chopper, Dressing Forceps, Y Pusher, Lens Expressor Hook, Colibri Forceps, Lims Forceps, Suture Tying Forceps, Capsularexis Forceps, Eye Forceps, Rectus Forceps, Corneal Forceps, Iris Repositor, Needle Holder, Vannas Spring Scissors, Corneal Scissor.

Key Features:
  • Specialized Tools: Each instrument is designed for specific glaucoma microsurgery requirements.
  • Precision Craftsmanship: Made from high-quality stainless steel for precision and durability.
  • Versatility: Includes tools for eye speculum, caliper, glaucoma punch, and various forceps.
  • Tungsten Carbide Insert: Some instruments feature a tungsten carbide insert (denoted by 'K') for enhanced durability.

Frequently Asked Questions
Q: How many pieces are included in the Microsurgery Glaucoma Kit Set?
A: The set comprises 25 specialized instruments for microsurgery.
Q: Are the instruments made of stainless steel?
A: Yes, all instruments are crafted from high-quality stainless steel.
Q: What does 'K' denote in the specifications?
A: 'K' denotes instruments with a tungsten carbide insert, providing enhanced durability.
Q: Can this set be used for other microsurgical procedures?
A: While designed for glaucoma microsurgery, some instruments may be suitable for related microsurgical procedures.
Q: Is this set suitable for professional ophthalmologists?
A: Yes, the Microsurgery Glaucoma Kit Set is crafted for precision and is suitable for professional ophthalmologists performing glaucoma surgeries.
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