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Medivision Veterinary Gloves 200 pcs (2 Box of 100)

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From examining the swollen tonsils, to proceeding with a surgery, the gloves are an essential component of everything that goes on in the medical realm. It helps to ward off the germs and work in a more sanitized way. You will never see a doctor examine you without his gloves on, which is because it promotes cleanliness, protects the hands of the user from germ contamination and also stops germs from spreading in the patient’s body. The best product in this case is the Veterinary Gloves. The smooth finish of these gloves does not cause irritation to the user and it gives maximum protection to both the user and the person being used upon.
Key Feature –

  • The Veterinary Gloves has a smooth finish and texture for the better experience of the user.
  • The veterinary gloves go up to the shoulder and cover a great area.
  • This product is pin hole free.
Country of Origin
Brand NameMedivision
Brand OriginIndia
Country of OriginIndia

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