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Medivision Nebuliser (Deluxe)

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Do you have breathing trouble for a prolonged period of time? Does inhaling and exhaling through the nose seem to become tough at small intervals? Or do you become breathless very easily? You might have asthma! Having a diseases which causes trouble in breathing is a very common thing these days and it might be a major issue in terms of not just inhaling air, but also in taking medicines. The best device which can help you in this case is the Medi Mist Nebulizer. This device is an instrument which accelerates medications inhaled in the form of mists by the lungs.

Key features –

  • The particle size of the Medi Mist Nebulizer is 3 microns.
  • The flow rage of the Medi Mist Nebulizer is 508L/min.
  • The Medi Mist Nebulizer comes with both adult and child mask along with a special T-mouth piece.

Manufacturer/Importer/Marketed By
Brand NameMedivision
Brand OriginIndia
Address of entity330, Patparganj Industrial Area, Delhi - 110092
India Helpline Number8586012345
Country of OriginIndia

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