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Ambu Bag Silicone Premium Quality

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Anyone familiar with any medical drama will be familiar with the Ambu bag. It is a bag valve mask, made of silicone, which serves as a manual resuscitator. It is hand held, and gives patients positive pressure ventilation when they are either not breathing or are having trouble breathing in adequate oxygen.

Key Features:-

  •  Latex Free & Reusable: these Ambu bags are made of silicone and are thus latex free. Latex is a substance that is known for inciting allergic reactions in many. Moreover, these Ambu bags are reusable, if sterilised properly.
  •  Autoclavable: these equipments can also be easily sterilised in an autoclave, which is a machine which can be used to establish high pressure or temperature for multiple uses, especially for sterilising some medical equipments.
  •  Available in various sizes : The Silicone Ambu Bags are available in three different sizes- Adult, Child & Infant- such that it can be used to treat everyone across the spectrum of age and size.
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Brand NameMedivision
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