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Ambu Bag Silicone Premium Quality

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Anyone familiar with any medical drama will be familiar with the Ambu bag. It is a bag valve mask, made of silicone, which serves as a manual resuscitator. It is hand held, and gives patients positive pressure ventilation when they are either not breathing or are having trouble breathing in adequate oxygen.

Key Features:-

  •  Latex Free & Reusable: these Ambu bags are made of silicone and are thus latex free. Latex is a substance that is known for inciting allergic reactions in many. Moreover, these Ambu bags are reusable, if sterilised properly.
  •  Autoclavable: these equipments can also be easily sterilised in an autoclave, which is a machine which can be used to establish high pressure or temperature for multiple uses, especially for sterilising some medical equipments.
  •  Available in various sizes : The Silicone Ambu Bags are available in three different sizes- Adult, Child & Infant- such that it can be used to treat everyone across the spectrum of age and size.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is an Ambu bag?
A: An Ambu bag is a bag valve mask made of silicone that serves as a manual resuscitator. It provides positive pressure ventilation to patients who are having trouble breathing or are not breathing at all.

Q: What are the key features of the Ambu Bag Silicone Premium Quality?
A: The Ambu Bag Silicone Premium Quality is latex-free, reusable, and autoclavable. It is also available in three different sizes (Adult, Child, and Infant) to accommodate patients of different ages and sizes.

Q: Why is it important that the Ambu bag is latex-free?
A: Many people are allergic to latex, and an allergic reaction could further complicate a patient's condition. By being latex-free, the Ambu bag reduces the risk of an allergic reaction.

Q: How do you sterilize the Ambu bag?
A: The Ambu bag can be sterilized by using an autoclave, which uses high pressure and temperature to sterilize medical equipment. It is important to properly sterilize the Ambu bag to prevent the spread of infections.

Q: Can the Ambu bag be reused?
A: Yes, the Ambu bag is reusable if it is properly sterilized. However, it is important to follow proper sterilization procedures to ensure that the bag is safe to use on different patients.

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