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Mediprick Blood Lancets 400 pcs (2 Pack of 200)

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A lancet is a medical device that is used to puncture the skin, in order to draw a blood sample for any sort of tests. Good blood lancets have to ensure that a drop of blood can be successfully captured,  has to hurt less, must have a good grip and not slip and it also has to be adjustable for the user. This device is most extensively used by diabetic patients who have to keep a regular track of their blood sugar levels. It is also often used on infants for heel pricks, so that blood samples can be sent for testing.

Key features:

  • Sterilized Lancet: Since these are used to craw blood, they have to be properly sterilized to prevent any kind of infection.
  •  Micro pointed: These lancets are micro pointed, which make it easier to draw the blood, without being painful.
  •  Pack of 200 pcs: One pack of these lancets contains 200 individual pieces, and that is good for people having to use it long term.
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