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Medical Examination Kit Panchtantra Stethoscope Tuning Fork Measuring Tape Knee Hammer and Torch

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Medical Examination Kit Panchtantra Ideal for General Practitioners and Medical Students, consists of 

1) Ebony Stethoscope with Matt Black Chest Piece
2) Tunning Fork Combo 128, 256, 512Hz
3) Circumference Measuring Tape
4) Mini Portable LED Torch
5) Percussion Knee Hammer 

High Acoustic Sensitivity Stethoscope with Black Matt Finish Stethoscope.It is especially is designed with ultra soft ear knobs to provide good sound quality. Its framed with dual dual frequency that makes the doctor figure out both high and low frequencies of the patient

Tuning Fork 128, 256, 512
Premium quality tuning fork with two prongs or tines and a handle, when hammered tuning forks vibrates and generates musical tone to assess patients hearing loss. It comes with frequencies of 128Hz, 256Hz and 512Hz.

Circumference Measuring Tape
Circumference Measuring Tape is with Unique 3-slot Principle for Accurate Measurement and can measure up to 59cm. It is made of Flexible, Washable, Non tearable & Non- stretchable PVC.

Mini Portable LED Torch
Bright aluminum alloy shell 5W LED small flashlight mini portable torch is ideal companion for medical professionals and students for physical examination of patients.

Percussion Knee Hammer 
Reflex hammer elicits myotatic And plantar responses with less effort and greater patient comfort. The precisely balanced handle offers increased control of percussion force. Soft base and rounded apex is perfectly suited in provoking myotatic responses in striking precise location of tendons. 

The handle is also designed with a pointed tip and brush for eliciting cutaneous and plantar reflexes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the length of the stethoscope in the Panchtantra Medical Examination Kit?
A: The length of the stethoscope is not specified in the product description. However, most stethoscopes used in medical settings are around 28 inches long.

Q: Is the tuning fork combo suitable for hearing tests?
A: Yes, the tuning fork combo of 128, 256, and 512Hz can be used for hearing tests, among other medical assessments.

Q: What is the length of the circumference measuring tape?
A: The length of the circumference measuring tape is not specified in the product description. However, most medical measuring tapes are around 60 inches long.

Q: What is the battery type for the mini portable LED torch?
A: The product description does not specify the battery type for the mini portable LED torch. However, it is likely that it uses standard batteries, such as AA or AAA.

Q: Is the percussion knee hammer suitable for reflex testing?
A: Yes, the percussion knee hammer can be used for reflex testing, as well as for other medical examinations.

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